Be the good

We’ve heard many people (in fact, everyone) around us tell “Be good, do good.” But, what exactly is the purpose of this line? What do we achieve by being good. Nothing much, but you get back the good.

When you see people being kind, compassionate, caring, you jeer at them, mock them without realizing you are the one who’s going to suffer. Doing good can be a very small thing, from sharing a book to rescuing a person from mortal danger. There are no adjectives for doing good.

Keeping our heart pure and clean is important. And, at the same time, doing good is equally important. You not only earn respect, but also earn God’s favour. Doing good gives long time benefits. And only on the long go will you realise that good that definitely lead to good in the end. You help a person one day, I am pretty sure they’ll help you out soon.

You might ask, what if everyone around me is not good and are mocking at me. Nothing, no arguing, no fighting, just give a smile and there you are, being THE good. If people around you are not that good, you be the change, you me the first one there who inspires others. Goodness is like smiles. It is definitely contagious. Sooner or later, people will change. Be the beacon and lead others to the right shores. And that’s kind of doing good too!

Outside Your Movie

Ever looked past the veil that is separating you from the feelings of others? Many a time in our lives have we lied, made unsagely decisions, spat out harsh words in blind anger and showered anger on someone who has nothing to do with it.

Despite all this, when someone blames us or when someone says what we’ve done is wrong, we suddenly turn red as if we’ve been upright and holy all the time.

We often find people to be ill tempered, lying, arrogant, brave, kind, double faced and so on… But remember that these are the names coined up by you for them. People also have a similar mindset regarding you.

The reason for this is that we are always absorbed in our own movie, that is, we are blind to the incidents which had taken place in the other person’s life which has made him or her take the position of “bad” in your mind. And yes, we are not aware of the way someone else’s perspective of something is. The diversity of our perspectives is an important reason why we always get into that dipped into hot water mood.

So look from the other person’s point of view and try positioning yourself in their place in that particular incident.

They may not be right, no one is, but it may seem so to them. Just like us. So looking into someone else’s movie would make our life harmonious and reduce arguments and misinterpretations.