Smashed Flower


yellow cosmos flower close up photography
Photo by Rahul on

Smashed flower on the sidewalk

Every stamping shoe a poetry

Tears feel what words can’t speak

Shimmering under the sun like

Shooting stars sliding slow.





silhouette photography of rocky mountains under starry sky

Gazing up into the night sky
The stars wink down
And the moon calms moods
The love and quiet of the cosmos
Makes us earthens jealous
But seldom do we realize
That stars burn until death
And that the very elegant moon
Bears eternal scars.
Though vacuum perseveres not to betray
The many wars of the colossal cosmos
Perception makes and breaks.


Don’t You Dare

time lapse photography of flame

She is a wild girl with the wildest dreams
But don’t you dare take her fora
Daydreamer ‘cuz she’s all actions and not just words.
She is all pure embers
But don’t you dare belittle her
‘Cuz she can start wildfires.
She has distant stars for eyes
But don’t you dare think thatHer tears will put them out,
Instead they fuel the flames.
The truth of her words give
Fireflies their light
But don’t you dare try trapping
Them in that silly orb of yours.
How ’bout trapping lightning in a bottle?


It is our light

This thoughtful piece of poetry belongs to luyandasuccess18…Hope you’ll enjoy it…


It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us
Our deepest fear is not that we are not adequate
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond major

It is our light and not our darkness that most frightens us
We ask ourselves who am i to be brilliant,gorgeous, talented and fabulous

We were born to make manifest
The glory of god that is within us
Is not just in some of us it is in everyone
And as we are liberated for our own fears
Our spirits automatically liberate others
Thank you

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A New Page

book book pages bookcase browse

This ink filled page
Is showing its age
And marked old
Its bruises bold
With stories untold.
Many battles has it waged
Its prowess uncaged
Against the ink blots
Of the previous side’s lots.
There, the new page is awaiting
New poems for penning.
Belated birthday wishes to me


I was on a long, gadget-free school trip until yesterday from 29th september, my birthday, so that’s the reason I couldn’t post… 😅😉

The Great Village Of Rumours

agriculture barn clouds corn

The world is palpitating,
Shaking with every fresh beat
with the syllables of the same words
abuzz in the air
pouring through every chimney which is
the base of the spying cocks,
raining down the streets and
deluging the valleys,
invading the snort from the barns
and the rustle of the leaves as each
flower leans into the other to spill out
the once secret,
divulging to the scarecrow
which is summoning a meeting with the crows
in front of my eyes
flooding my mind with
a hue and a cry
in hands with
an indecipherable voidness,
All around me a he or she
speaking of a his or her
his or her hearing of a he or a she’s
distant relative of a friend
of a neighbour.
The genuine sounding rumours of a she
of the great village of rumours.