Mother Nature

bloom blooming blossom blur

The butterfly kissing the flower sounds your name
The birds chant thy name
The raindrops whisper your name
through the hazy bluish clouds
The sea, a testimony of your rough spirit
breathe your words
The soft meadows signifying your tender love
for your children repeat your name
The fire and the fast flowing streams
a show to your spirit that keeps moving on
You thrive and make thrive, Mother Nature!
Your own virtue, your feature.



Like fine threads
woven on each other
we are all connected.
Living in this small world
our destinies are hatched together
connected, over one another’s
each being a piece
some other’s puzzle.
How everything overlaps,
gently falls in place
is the sure work of the Lord
who weaves one’s fate
>onto one another’s.
It is truly a magnum opus of art,
a beautiful piece, a gem, the result,
of all the interweaving
and the beauty of each being
forming a masterpiece, the world.
It is really surprising,
how all our fates are crosshatched.


atmosphere autumn beautiful branch

Innumerable words are unspoken
tactless and irrelevant,
glad they haven’t been spoken
left many unscathed
from its fiendish flames
and everlasting impact.
Many such useless words
now lie lost
in the deep, dark nooks
of our brain
hoping to be used soon
but never forgotten,
because words,
they never get erased.
Or do they?