atmosphere autumn beautiful branch

Innumerable words are unspoken
tactless and irrelevant,
glad they haven’t been spoken
left many unscathed
from its fiendish flames
and everlasting impact.
Many such useless words
now lie lost
in the deep, dark nooks
of our brain
hoping to be used soon
but never forgotten,
because words,
they never get erased.
Or do they?



grayscale photography of trees

Fading silhouettes in the light

faded without showing their might

not being the light in a place dark 

nothing great done to proudly talk.


Forgotten as time passed

various different paths crossed

no contributions under one’s name

nothing done to bring about shame.


A life wasted in this Earth

no reason to commemorate their birth

they don’t have much to credit

a mistake that can’t have an edit


Life is an one-time opportunity

undoubtedly a precious commodity

prepare to make it worth quickly

and never leave it a broken mystery.


Strive to be remembered for your goodness

make people develop a fondness

never ply to bad deeds and end up infamous

or because you did something dangerous


Be remembered for how good you were

prove the people you care

etch your name in golden letters

in the great book of history

be kind, be humble and be strong

and achieve the true victory.