Leisurely Sleep

adult book boring face

Leisurely greetings,
Cause the vision to
Freeze time for a second and
Brings back the present once out of
The mesmerism of the greeting.
That’s when I realise its approach,
When my eyes shut closed as if
Pulled down with a string
And my mind struggles to
Keep conscious, something so precious at the moment.
But the magic is performed
And its preciousness is stolen,
But I still don’t care
I’m drowning into myself,
An illusion?
But inevitably, I close my eyes,
Lost into something I
Just found,
But again, floating up to
Just to tell the guest to come back
Sometime in its leisure time,
Leisurely and peacefully,
But I will not care,
For I go back to sleep,
My leisurely guest.


Wrath of Nature


The sky wore grey that day
To over the nasty fate grieve
As the birds sang their last to their
Liberty on the deathbed.
The youngest in mercy spared
The worm that crept into their home
As the mother was pleased in
Its other chicks staying in their oval home.
The gushing stream nearby like a
Lion roared while
The pregnant doe in labor
Died a savior.
The tall and green mothers
Who, heart’s dearest, fell down with
A deafening moan, their creaks heard
To the end of sight.
The wind tore past, not wanting to see it anymore,
Rushed around the globe to come back again
The sky could hold no more,
Its heavy eyes sobbed bitter tears.
There they stood over the graves of
Numerous undying memories,
Over the dead dreams,
Over the painful tears and
Reminiscent blood as
They made the earth shiver.
Mother nature
Pleaded throughout their welcoming
Her absence
But they can never, never get rid
Of  a mother’s wrath.

P.S: Please conserve forests. Tomorrow will be a day where plucking a single leaf will be a condition and a crime and not just an offense.

Gallery of masks

greyscale photo of masks on a stick

Adorning numerous masks each day
we hide our true face from everyone today
how much ever mirthless or fake or honeyed it may be
we put on another mask the moment after.

Human life is full of emotions
but nowadays, only unperceived notions.
We just strive to hide our emotions
and put on the next mask of lies.
We just hurt one another everyday
and we put on a new mask.

The very epitome of life
was the portrayal of emotions.
But nowadays, hiding that very emotion
has become the human race’s essence.
And now, we yet again,
put on another mask.
We are the true gallery of masks.


Light of knowledge

red lantern lamp turned on

Lamps encradled in every nook and corner
brightness seeps from in the sides
like the hem adorning the border
a man to the right ark it guides.

The light of knowledge which can be attained by a heart at ease
always acts as a torch to the ignorant blind
after attaining the true meaning of life and peace
but there are still lots that we must find.


If I could fly

adult art artist artistic

You know, I really wish to fly,

and that too, fly really high.

I think it’ll be a fun experience up there,

but I’m not sure how much I’ll fare.


Soar up high mountains,

and take glimpses of beautiful fountains.

I know it’s going to be fun,

it’ll be better than to run.


I think I’ll visit great wonders,

and I’ll make no blunders.

It will be the best day of my life,

one really without any strife.


I will enjoy my day thoroughly,

and won’t do anything hurriedly.

Oh! How I really wish I could fly,

I really wish, to fly high.