Friends we meet

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Time flies fast but
life stands still.
It shall be till,
the friend is found by the window sill.
Sitting side by side,
and things we all abide.
Even by the seashore,
talking about our things more.
It’s like that for me here,
you guys are near but yet so far.
You’re still there,
across the road.
But what am I doing?
Just sitting idle,
in front of the board.
When will we meet?
Sit together and play with our feet.
Hope it happens soon somewhere.
Hope life flies,
as fast as a hare.

My first poem in this site. #Nostalgia

Food for time

alcohol alcoholic beverage celebration

Time swallowed my mind
in fragments, of memories
sweet and bitter. But

never did it satiate its
hunger. Still hungry for more
it hangs around me, searching for

more food. My recent memories.
And after its over, it goes on,
never stopping and moving to

new people, new pastures,
for its food, luscious memories.
It wants more, to consume in its
wraps and it never waits. Does it?


action adventure aerial aerial shot

Enchanting waves of the sea
truly opened new doors for me
rekindling my extinguished flame
and building a spirit that won’t be tamed.

Like a wreck of a defeated ship I sank
my fire and ambitions grew blank
but then I rose like a raging fire from the deep
my mighty roar sure puts time to sleep
as it thunders fiercely years long
outspreading in the regions along.

Just another short poem

silhouette of person holding glass mason jar

In the clutches of stars,
they make me dream.

I’m turning 14 today and I hope I’m getting wiser by the years. Everyday is a new lesson and everyone is a teacher. I’m glad to have learnt lots from everyone and hope to learn a lot more in the coming years. And thank you mom, dad, my sister and friends for your continued love and support. FIinally, happy birthday Prarthana! I’m wishing myself a great year ahead.