Ode to the summer

trees and grass field under cloudy sky during daytime

Ah, there comes the season of
brightness, joy and sunshine
all wishes that went in vain
and lots of sadness and pain
experienced so long
will now never throng
for this beautiful period of ecstasy
of flowers blooming in total vibrancy
is here to stay
pray, it never goes away
you fill many hearts with glee
joyful thoughts passing from tree to tree
the fresh flowers blooming subtly in the shade
meaning all bad feelings we must evade.

This is the true season of joy
makes us so happy
enough to compose a million soliloquies
it is because of your vibrant melody
enough to drive away any malady
Oh! Wish you’d stay forever here,
my ray of sunshine
oh, with you, with fare really fine
the ethereal summer is here to stay
though not for long
but definitely long enough,
long enough to break into a song.