I pray you remember me
and I am not lost in the folds of time
my history etched
among the stories of others.
I pray, time doesn’t erase me
as it flies as fast as ever,
I pray, it doesn’t hold me
just as another character in this world
and it doesn’t overlap me
in the folds of other events.
Immortal, I intend to stay
forever, carved in
golden letters in people’s minds.


round brown wooden table between two chairs and ottoman chair

A place away from all the hustle
a place to truly escape
from the stir of the world
and the sophisticated life
and all the danger
as a cherry on top
and the hardship of daily livelihoods
a relief, to truly relax,
your home, to rightfully call your own.



A rural idyll
set in a pretty frame
of life and happiness
created a beautiful opulence
of peace and plenty
and resting there freed me
from the clutches of time
as I lost track of it
and entered a new world
to find my past and future
in the cosmos
connected by a thin sliver
where my present also
found a place,
as the connection.


Might of the Fallen

administration army banner border

Caressing its chicks with all assurances
It winged its way with a heart full of solace
Not with fear, not of cowardice
But with the will of a saviour
To save its chicks from the vicious claws of the eagles
Waiting to prey when the chance arises

It was unique, its emotions, its heart,
All at once
Into a new world with a highlighted tint
Of the many messages of the wind
Its heart was ready to face what lay before it.

The mighty warrior vanquished the atrocious
With a burning furnace within
Possessed by the very noble souls which bravely burnt
In the cowardly ambush set by those recreant feathers
And with a tiny chirp it celebrated out of every kill
of those murderers.

The eagles soon devoured the bird
But its bravery echoed throughout
And its soul became an eternal part of the world.
It died sacrificing itself for its kind.
But the chicks did survive,
Wondering about an empty place in their nest
And the mother did chirp something,
A thing that made an impact on many lives.

“He is still living, your father, as a fire
In our hearts, as a zeal for peace in the struggle for humanity
He sacrificed himself for our
Mighty nation, the chicks of our own nation,
Which his eyes adored as his own.”

– Collaborative writing of Sree Vidhya and Prarthana

Paying tribute to all the Indian soldiers who lost their lives in the Pulwama Terror Attack and its aftermath. Their souls have now become a forever part of this world. We salute their noble deeds and how willingly they sacrificed their lives so that this nation might live. We forever bow our heads in respect to thee. Jai Hind!



colorful color play concentration

So many anomalies in this world observed
but anyway the comforting lies preferred
abnormal curves in every turn
useless desires really did burn.

Varying defects in everything found
our moral duties still never kept us bound
not one noble obligation comes to our mind
falsehood always keeps us bound in its chains.


The lonely path

path between trees

As the time flew by
there was no one by my side
and it became my lonely path
and solitary sadness were my only thoughts.

I was deserted by all
which is leading me to my own fall
having been detested by all whom I’ve known
I now enter a world of my own.

Then I find someone clutching my hand
well, well, it’s my own soul, my band
it shall stay with me till the very end
to my onward ascend.


Realm of dreams

person holding white pen near white poster

When I fell asleep

my heart took a giant leap

and entered a world of its own

the realm of dreams.


I was sailing upon a fluffy cloud

and felt my screams so loud

there were so many fantasies around

and many magical events that kept me bound.


There were unicorns and phoenixes

and a swarm of people’s wishes

but soon I wake up

it was just a dream setup.

P.S. (Drat!)